AUTOR:     Sébastien Hinderer
AFILIACJA: LORIA (Nancy, Francja)
TYTUŁ:     Generating models for temporal representations


I will present the use of model building for temporal representations.
We chose Polish to illustrate our discussion because it has an
interesting aspectual system, but the points we wish to make are not
language specific.  Rather, our goal is to develop theoretical and
computational tools for temporal model building tasks in computational
semantics. To this end, we present a first-order theory of time and
events which is rich enough to capture interesting semantic
distinctions, and an algorithm which takes minimal models for
first-order theories and systematically attempts to ``perturb'' their
temporal component to provide non-minimal, but semantically
significant, models.

We will also include some details about our semantic construction
tool, Nessie. This tool takes an abstract syntax tree and a lexicon as
input and allows one to build semantic representations.