Towards the Design of a Syntactico-Semantic Lexicon for Polish

Adam Przepiórkowski

In the proceedings of Intelligent Information Systems 2004 (New Trends in Intelligent Information Processing and Web Mining). This report is an introduction to this article.


This article presents the design of a syntactico-semantic dictionary for Polish, i.e., a valence dictionary enriched with certain semantic informations. Valence dictionaries, specifying the number and morphosyntactic form of arguments of verbs, are useful in many Natural Language Processing applications, including deep parsing, e.g., for the purpose of machine translation, shallow parsing, e.g., for the purpose of information extraction, and rule-based morphosyntactic disambiguation, e.g., for the purpose of corpus annotation. An approach based on recent results in formal and computational linguistics is proposed, which takes into consideration the morphosyntactic and syntactic structure of Polish and which avoids various known problems of previous valence dictionaries, some of them stemming from their impoverished theoretical framework, unable to take proper care of the syntax-semantics interface, case variations and raising predicates. An implementation of a grammar of Polish deploying the ideas presented here is currently under development.

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