The Name 'Przepiórkowski'

Here is the pronunciation:

IPA:     ˌpʃɛpjurˈkɔfskʲi

Some approximations:

ARPAbet:   [p sh eh p y uw r k ao f s k iy]
'American' pronunciation - try this:   "psha-pure-kof-skee"
'German' pronunciation - try this:   "psche-pür-kof-ski"

Here is the spelling:

correct:   Przepiórkowski
(La)TeX:   Przepi{\'o}rkowski
(X)HTML:   Przepiórkowski

Here are some misspellings of my name. Have fun. :-)

Most common ("forget about diacritics!").
My 'official' name at the University of Tübingen (the sysop truncated my name to "Przepiorkowsk", and this is what the Unix command finger showed to anybody who wanted to check the correct spelling...).
This is how I was officially known at the OSU ("3 syllables are better than 4").
In the programme of the IATL-16 conference ("no 'consonant clusters' > 2 (per syllable), please!"). More recently, in the programme committee of a RANLP 2007 workshop (it is Prezpiórkowski now, after correction), and on my badge at ACL 2007 (see below on the tradition of Praguian misspellings of Przepiórkowski).
In the address on a Polish weekly I used to subscribe to ("3 syllables are better than 4" + "no 'consonant clusters' > 2, please!").
As a co-editor of Slavic in HPSG. (Oops, that's been corrected...)
Junk mail companies in the US used to know me under this name (helpful for quick sorting of mail).
That's how I am cited in a linguistic paper (hi, Petya!).
That's how my help is acknowledged in another linguistic paper (hi, Roger!).
In the CFP of HPSG 2003, and a few other places, including various versions of the programme of COLING 2012...
Przepiókowski, Przepóikowski, Przeiókowski
Three failed attempts at my name in Prague, March 2003. (Thanks for trying so hard! :-) ).
In the list of prospective participants of a summer school. An interesting variation: 'U' signals the proper Polish pronunciation, while the so-called 'Hungarian umlaut' reflects the presence of a diacritic. Very cunning.
Affiliation: Oilish Academy of Science. That's what my badge was saying when I was visiting the EC Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy.
My badge on my second visit to the JRC. Clear improvement.
On two subpages of a workshop on numerals.
In the announcement of my talk at the Department of Polish, University of Warsaw.
On my TLT 2006 badge. In the good tradition of Praguian misspellings of my name.
In one of the reviews of my habilitation book.
In the on-line program of LFG 2012 (corrected now). The umlaut strikes back.
In the 2012 dissertation of Denis Paperno (p.217). Fricative harmony in Polish.
In the programme of FDSL 10, a Slavic (!) conference.
In EasyChair setting of HPSG 2014.
In an invitation to “Submit Your Special Issue and be the Lead Guest Editor” from the International Journal of Everything (As Long As It Brings Money).
In the 2017 dissertation of Heidi Klockmann (p.368).

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